24/7 Street

“Local Politics, On-site Cinema”

Filmmor-Kahidep, 2021, Colour, 75’, Turkish, English Subtitled

The women: Hacer Foggo, Halime Bayram, Hülya Bozkurt, Nurcan Yalçın, Nurgül Uçar, Sibel Suiçmez, Türkan Eşli.

The cities: Istanbul, Diyarbakır, Antalya, Ankara, İzmir, Trabzon, Adana.

7 women are looking for out-of-office ways in local politics in 7 cities. dozens of women from 7 cities get together to accompany this journey with their cameras, they work, and they follow 7 women with 7 cameras 24/7, who, from the neighbourhood to the municipality, from the workshop to the marketplace, start changing life starting from the place they live in, and stretch this to 24 hours.

The first audio-visual history project of Kahidep: Women’s Rights / Defenders Digital Platform, Local Politics and On-site Cinema experience at the pandemic from Filmmor and Women’s Coalition.