After that June

“Our life is a state of emergency”

Filmmor-Kahidep, 2020, Colour, 100’, Turkish, English Subtitled

After the declaration of the State of Emergency on the 20th of July 2016 in Turkey, the laws were suspended and statutory decrees having the force of law started to be effective. After That June narrates the story of this period lasting for two years, and affecting daily life. 

After That June is the product of filming in 9 cities in Turkey and Germany throughout one year; and testimonies and contributions of dozens of women; and also two years of work.

Here are the people who have kept the memory of The State of Emergency  in After That June: Lisa Çalan from 5th June Amed Initiative; Özlem Şendeniz from Aramızda; Melda Yaman, Melek Göregenli from Academics for Peace; Şehbal Şenyurt from Documentary Filmmakers Association; Emine Sevim, Ferda Fahrioğlu Akın from Bir-ara-da; Maside Ocak from Saturday Mothers/People; Refika Kadıoğlu, Gönül Özmetin, from Fındıklı Women’s Initiative; Ebru Dinçel, the expelled teacher member of KESK; İlknur Üstün from Women’s Coalition; Right defenders Yasemin Öz, Evin Jiyan Kışanak; Berfin Emektar from the Diyarbakır City Theater which has been shut down; Zozan Özgökçe, Songül Özünver, from Van Women’s Association which has been shut down; The Co-mayor of Akdeniz where a trustee had been appointed: Yüksel Mutlu, Member of the Municipal Parliament Canan Yüce; The Municipal parliament member of the Metropolitan Municipality of Diyarbakır where a trustee had been appointed: Serra Bucak; The Co-mayor of Cizre where a trustee had been appointed: Leyla İmret; Buse Kılıçkaya from Pink Life; Adalet Kaya, Meral Ekin, Ruken Ergüneş from Rosa Women’s Association; Aslı Odman from Health and Safety Labor Watch. 

The story of The State of Emergency which influences the everyday life, of the defenders of rights which has become itself a state of emergency, the story of organizing solidarity and transforming mourning into resistance, are told by those who never hide the reality, those who weave the process with their life experience, those who embody solidarity, those who dare to resist under every circumstance: the women are telling the story. Who else can talk about the state of emergency in daily life situations better than them!